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Safe Handicap Ramps 877-884-7267; National Ramp, West Nyack, NY, builds aluminum handicap ramps that provide the safest walking surface in the industry with their unique open-mesh walking surface design. Though custom wood handicap ramps are an available option, there are definite advantages to having National Ramp design, fabricate and install one of their modular open mesh handicap ramps.
The B`nei Mitzvah service is so spiritually fulfilling. It symbolizes your teenager`s transformation from child to adult in the eyes of our faith. When B`nei Mitzvah recite the blessings over the Torah, they are affirming that they are old enough to be responsible for all that is being passed to them - our traditions, rituals, teachings, and culture - and that they will uphold and, in turn, pass all of them to the next generation
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